Why Grow Cannabis?

My Homegrown Purple Punch

Cannabis is no longer a subculture, it is pop-culture

— Jorge Cervantes

Growing Cannabis at home has many advantages. Unlike most crops, Cannabis can be grown on a small scale at home far more economically than buying it at a dispensary or on the street. If you grow it yourself, you know exactly what is going in to your Cannabis, and you are far more connected to the Cannabis you smoke.

Besides the obvious benefits, Cannabis is a true joy to grow. It is not very finicky as far as plants go, it is absolutely gorgeous to look at, and the smell of fresh Cannabis is wonderful. You can utilize almost the whole plant: flowers for smoking or extraction and trim/leaves for extraction.

Of course, growing Cannabis has some drawbacks. For one, growing Cannabis is a bit more work than buying it from the store, but if you fall in love with the process, it hardly feels like work. Smell can be an issue for those trying to be discrete, and so precautions must be taken for odor control. There is risk to growing any crop, because it takes financial input for growth and there is always the risk of losing plants to pests, disease, or environmental issues. These are all issues I hope I will be able to provide some guidance on to maximize your potential as a home grower.

I hope I can share my love of Cannabis with you, and some information along with it. It is not as hard as you might think, especially with a bit of guidance.

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